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I have my warrior encumbered by a few pounds.  Not a lot, but it does not seem to be slowing him down or doing any ill effects.  He can still move, still fight, still hit his target and still heal on his own after a battle I believe.  What exactly does being encumbered do and does it depend on how much he is over the line that it effects more things?

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Encumbrance means his carried weight of armor, weapons, and a few other things he is wearing exceeds his normal strength and will result in fewer action points per round. It can be significant if you need those extra action points to move a few more spaces or get a second action using an item or attack. In most games it is 4 pounds per lost action point.


In some other Spiderweb games it can mean a reduced chance to hit that is significant in the early part of the game when your to hit chance is lower.


If it doesn't affect your combat ability, then you can get by until your strength increases from leveling up. Sometimes a slight encumbrance for a few levels is helpful to have better armor for protection.

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