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Skribbane Checkpoint Bug

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I'm trying to get past the guard checkpoint outside Lorelei for the first time, but they keep attacking me because they detect Skribbane in my bags. Well, I don't have any in my bags. I tried dropping it all in Softport, I've tried sticking it in my junk bag (people say this works), and I've tried destroying all of my skribbane all together. They still detect drugs in my bag.


Okay, let's try deleting each character and their entire inventory one by one to see which one is causing the problem. No luck. What if I delete all of my characters but one, and then delete all of the remaining character's inventory? Still no good.


I think we have a bug on our hands. I could use the orb to bounce around and avoid all of the patrols, but I would rather not have to rely on that.

Anyone know a fix?

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It's been a while since I played, but what about your key items? I'm pretty sure that there is at least one or two mysterious packages that you pick up from shady characters for delivery to even shadier characters in Lorelei (like the head of a certain covert guild?), and which turn out to contain Skribbane if the guards and their dogs get a chance to search you.

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or kill those guards, I killed northern party cause I accidentally stumbled on them when having Ernest's package and Lorelei didn't come hostile (unlike that mid-southern town where killing its patrol makes town hostile).


in orig A3 I killed 1st tower guards (no patrola then or at least don't remember those) cause I got sick of those inspections.

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