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Keyboard shortcuts in Avadon?


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Keyboard shortcuts did not get dropped, in general.  You can customize these by clicking on "Keyboard Shortcuts" in the pause menu.


Some specific ones have gotten dropped -- the requirement to use letters to select targets hasn't been a thing since the original First Avernum Trilogy (2001-2004), IIRC.

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Hello supercow,


I thought it might be useful to elaborate slightly on what's already been said. Generally speaking, Avadon keeps most of the keyboard shortcuts that Avernum used, with a few exceptions.


Perhaps the most obvious difference is in the example you quoted. Slarty isn't quite right in what he said above. All of Spiderweb's modern games up to this point included the 'use item' shortcut, including the second trilogy. Avadon 1 was the first game to drop it.


The reason, so far as I understand it, was that the feature could be used as an exploit. In previous games, pressing 'u' highlighted all usable objects, including those that were supposed to be hidden. Essentially, it provided a quick and easy way to highlight the hidden switches that opened secret passages, entirely negating the idea that the player has to carefully search for them. Indeed, I can remember getting very, very used to pressing 'u' in suspicious areas in the Second Avernum Trilogy! I'm guessing that Jeff received some negative feedback about removing the feature, because it returned with the modern Avernum remakes several years later.


Incidentally, there are ways to modify the scripts to make secret switches a little more visible. But, unfortunately, the only way to interact with objects that I am aware of is to click on them.

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