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A5 stealth quest pylons


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Hello txmimi,


As it happens, you've already completed the quest! All you need to do are to touch those three pylons in the northeast quadrant. The idea is that the sentinels are not patrolling correctly in that quadrant in particular, and Malachite wants you to prove that by touching the pylons. Now that you have, you can report back to her for your reward.


Because of the way Tranquility is organised, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to which areas the characters are talking about, particularly when people start referring to parts of the quadrants. I know that I've jetted off somewhere on occasion, only to find out I should have been somewhere else! Malachite refers to a pylon in the northwest part of the northeast quadrant, so that may be why you expected there to be a pylon in a different quadrant.


Enjoy your time in Tranquility!

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