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G3 is done and I liked it


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Well, Geneforge 3 is done and I enjoyed it. When I first tried G3 I had a feeling it would be something I'd enjoy. Not sure what gave me that impression. But, it turned out to be true. Glad I found a way to play the other Geneforge games, too. But, I think I'll do something else first. Think I'll finally dive into the first Avernum, the most recent remake. 


Also have to say I really like how the Geneforge games seem to have no clearly defined good or evil. Most is a big shade of gray, yet there are still NPCs you sometimes meet that have a strong moral compass and others who don't have any. I also enjoyed those times when I got to be ruthless. 


Seeing those red dots swirl around enemy serviles, which indicates the terror that they feel, as my shaper and his monster army came into view. Running through that rebel town on Harmony Isle, seeing those red dots of fear appear around the townspeople as my monster army attacked. I enjoyed being a shaper loyalist lol.


Don't mean to waste anyone's time with a post like this. But, if Jeff ever glances at these forums I'm just hoping to let him know someone enjoyed his game.


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