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A3 glitch?

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I finished the Shayder plague quest before officially getting the quest in Krizan - when you finish the slime pit the mayor tells you to "investigate Shayder." Going back there and talking to Shayder's mayor doesn't remove the quest; is there something else to do or am I just stuck with that tag in my quest list now?

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I don't think anyone did that in testing, so you are probably stuck with it, but whenever you are in Shayder you can stop in and see if you get the dialogue option that will clear that quest. It doesn't make any real difference except having it stuck in the quest list.


That's the problem with Jeff adding those little quests to direct the player to the next place. They now have to be done in his order. You have the same problem in that you can get inside Blackcrag Keep and not being able to see the Queen until you have a certain quest.

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Hello eaintree,


I've come up with a little fix for you that should remove that quest item from your list!


First, go to Shayder and stand in the mayor's office. Then, press 'shift' and 'd'. This should bring up a small dialogue box. Enter the following:

sdf 4 5 1


This makes a slight change to the flag relating to the Krizsan quest. If you talk to the mayor now, you should see a new dialogue option allowing you to complete that quest and claim your experience reward. Just initiating this dialogue will set things back to where they were before, so that should be all you need to do!

If this doesn't work for whatever reason, let me know. This behaviour is a little odd, so it's possible there's another cause I haven't anticipated.

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