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ARW Dumb Questions

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The Tinraya Keep Vahnatai areas are reached from a stairs down in a locked room in the southeast corner of the city. Then lots of fighting and exploring to work your way to the northwest on the lower level.


If you formerly join the Anama, then you lose all mage spells and levels in casting mage spells in the remake. So if you leave afterwards, then you probably won't have the time to regain the missing levels. 


Joining the Church of Divine Lucre gets you a level 3 of a specific priest spell and the hatred of wandering Anama groups, but at least they stop asking you if you want to hear their views. :)

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Comped whole ex-town/fort thru except those areas which are behind portcullis and room where Rentar is


So not gonna join to Anama for reals since cost to get mage spells back is wee bit too big for me (especially since robbing Shaydar temple ends skribbane to Lorelei delivery) if even possible since some are from shrines.


Time isn't issue since all is done except kicking Rentar's backside.


Only allive in Tinrya is party, Rentar and her minions and those alien beasts behind portcullis (in Vahnatai areas). Rest have passed whereever they go when killed.


Joining to Lucre didn't stop Anamas to talk to party, after getting fake rings they just greet (annoying when on delivery mission).


Speaking of delivery missions I have seen several missions related to that Anama priest who was in that town which got destroyed by roaches and priest killed so news aren't travelling that well from Bigal to rest of Valorim (unless its party's heroic thingies done).

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Oh that one is easier once you find the right room in the north part of the crypt and use move mountains on the east wall to reach the portal.


A cheat is to have the party in  fight mode with all but one character near the exit and let the other one loot and trigger the trap. When that character dies, you can leave and raise it. :)

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