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Playing the game for the 3rd time?

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So here I am playing the game for the 3rd time and have to say that I still enjoy it. The little differences make a difference. (Does that even make sense?) Maybe it's nostalgia or whatever. Having played E3:RW and A3, you would think that playing this game would get old, yet it isn't true. There is still enough newness within to make even a 3rd play through enjoyable. I hate that there's no horses though. 

Currently I'm just wandering around after finishing off the golems doing odd stuff. Feisty fist of pain!


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I still enjoy replaying some of the games especially if I can find some new thing that I missed in a previous play through. There are favorite areas and bits of text. 


The fun of the remakes comes from things being different from what I expected like when I tried to buy horses.

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