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A3: Guide to soloing Sulfras on Torment

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Using this build, I uploaded screenshots of my solo Sulfras kill on imgur (with the guide in the captions) here. You should be able to solo her with other builds, albeit maybe not as easily. (A combination of efficient healing, Divine Retribution, and powerful Mage spells is a pretty unfair advantage.)


They single biggest key to this fight imho is your summon, the ideal one being an Eyebeast. If you use a summon that's not immune to Magic, expect to have to resummon it a lot. In that case, I imagine Sulfras might give you death curse before you have a chance to resummon, but try for yourself if you like.


The second biggest key I think is Blink. That said, I only actually had to Blink once in the fight, and it happened to be using the Blink crystal. This would seem to give hope to the Anama. However, keep in mind that with the consequences of an inferior summon situation mentioned above, compounding already inferior damage, you may need to use all three basins, and maybe you'll still get cursed after that. In any case, while it's technically possible to win any fight based on random number generation, I'm going to say Anama are at an even greater disadvantage than usual with Sulfras. I would be very interested if someone solo'd Sulfras on Torment as Anama without cheating.

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