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Not Experienced But Eager To Learn(Exile Series)


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So, I am a new computer owner and I thought that it would be great to recapture my childhood and play the Exile games. I never got to play any of the registered versions, though. The computer I was given is running Ubuntu 18.04(Bionic Beaver). I tried using Wine, but had no luck. I'm currently banging my head against DOSBox.


I would appreciate it greatly if someone could teach me how to use these programs and/or get the games running.


Thank you for your time.


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Get a windows 😛

Not a computer whiz, but through the power of SEARCH BARS and RESEARCH I have some advice.

1. Seemingly the easiest solution is this, posted by ragefaster, March 15 2016:

"It's a complicated mess, if your not computer savvy, to get older games to run on windows 10. I was about to give up on this after reading this post when i found this site: www.old-games.com. It's a site that bundles old games already set up with dosbox running an older version of windows in their "easy set up" download option. They ask for a paypal donation for a fast download, I took the free option which was so slow it reminded me of downloading with a modem connection (it took nearly 45 minutes for 12.4 MB). When I unzipped it I just had to click on 'Start the game' and it started right up. The cursor seemed a little buggy in the party creation screen but other than that it runs just like I remember it. 'Start the editor' works too. But don't use exile 3's editor-It's just cheating. :) "

Please keep in mind however, that I can not legitimize old-games. There are only two confirmations of this working in this thread. It sounds legitimate, but be mindful of what you download anywhere, of course.

2. If you have DOSbox and can open it on ubuntu, there are detailed steps you can take, listed out by those who came before you with your problem, if on a different operating system. I don't think it should matter much when emulating a completely different one, though. Here's a post in which this is explained.


"You can get it to work on a modern computer VERY quickly without having to deal with "windows XP mode". All you have to do is download DOSBOX (I prefer the SVN versions) and then download windows 3.1 from somewhere. There should be a preinstalled zip on 3.1 out there somewhere. Then set DOSBOX for (I think) a SVGA ET4000 (?) adapter by editing the ini config file, then set windows to 1024x768 SVGA (if you use the default adapter it will either say can't load it or will have a garbled screen). After that, set up your soundblaster 1.5 by adding it as a device in windows and exile 3 will work."

Again, having not done this myself, I cannot confirm nor deny.

Finally, you can do more research on this topic and hopefully find more help by using the forums built in search function. This is what I used: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/search/?&q=Dosbox&page=6&search_and_or=or&sortby=newest

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Some links I used when I did this sort of thing a couple of years ago (~ May 2016):

DOSBox: https://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1, https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Usage

Windows 3.11 for DOSBox: http://www.abandonia.com/vbullet/showthread.php?s=cd4f328d0abf769b744e605e91d0deaa&t=27770

The quote in #1 in the previous post is from this thread: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/21917-exile-iii-and-windows-10/


*Eventually* (much emphasized) I ended up with a command line that used DOSBox to launch Windows 3.  Then, within Win 3, install the Exile games.  I can't remember what, if any, messing around I did with DOSBox or Windows 3.  https://imgur.com/a/sKSuAbP


The caveat here is that my host system is Win 10, but I imagine DOSBox runs pretty much the same - ?


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