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Avadon 3 - Zhethron fight


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I am playing on Hard difficulty, got a party level 29/30 with a Tinkermage as lead character (missile oriented).

Any recommended companions to fight Zhetron ?

I gave it a short try and have already measured the difficulty of this encounter.... I guess those consumables will be put to good use at last !

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Sorcerer if you have been building up focus magic to absorb elemental attacks to reduce damage and recharge for spells is a great companion here. Blademaster isn't too bad or a Shaman for extra healing.


It's a scripted fight so how you do it is very important to avoid getting over whelmed by the summons. Try to avoid getting too close because of certain area attacks. 

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Well, as a matter of fact, I did discuss that a little in this thread.   The big thing for me was



defeating his statues in detail, when they animated.  Also, if I remember, when you want to damage him you have to keep someone up close to him to stop him from healing himself.  Once a statue animated, I stopped attacking him and ran into the hallway to lure the statue out there; he would be healed and I'd have to wear him down again, but at least the statue was gone (Valusa won't follow you, ever, but the statues will).  I did something similar with the second statue when that came up, only I had to get someone out of sight, exit combat to resurrect the party, and then lure the statue out there to its doom.  (And whenever I was out of sight with a statue dead, I exited combat and quicksaved...that fight is a sonofagun and I didn't want to have to redo the statue-killing if I didn't have to.)  It's been a couple of years so I don't remember other details.    


Even with good tactics, I thought he was by far the hardest fight in the game...nothing before or after even came close.   And given that he's a god (and an optional fight) I suppose that's how it should be.


Yeah, I remember lots of people had ways for beating Golath...but sometimes pure cheapness is its own reward.

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