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Avernum 1 Bug with Formello quest?

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I seem to be unable to complete the quest to retrieve the mayor's golden necklace in Formello. I have travelled to the Nephil fortress and slain Anastasia, along with everything else in there except for the guy in the dungeon and the demons. Found the secret rooms with the spellbook. And i collected the golden necklace from the electrified room. When i look on the character info screen it shows i have the golden necklace in my special items list. 


When i return to Formello and speak to the mayor she just dismisses me without acknowleging the necklace or the quest or anything. I might have caused this bug by returning to her once in the middle of the quest because i had collected a regular golden necklace and when i realized that wasnt the real one i just sold it. After finding the real golden necklace she gives the same response as i got when i didnt have the necklace.


Her response indicates i need to gain experience, My characters are level 10. If this is a bug it is most certainly a known bug because of how easy it is to cause. I did not find any descriptions online of this issue.



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Regular items shouldn't interfere with quests that require a special item that is only obtained in the Special Items list. Did you start the quest in the first place? It sounds like you might not have since I think you need a certain level of reputation before the Mayor asks you to retrieve her necklace for her.


EDIT: (Oh crap, this was asked a year ago)

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