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Ok, I got the form, and I understand what it says and that I should print it, sign it, date it, and mail it back, but the last part has me confused. Do I need to have 2 notary signatures on it before I send it in? And the blank at the bottom that says e-mail address, am I supposed to put mine there? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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OH THANK YOU!!! laugh I e-mailed Jeff with this EXACT question (though I don't think he has the time to deal with it...) I wasn't sure about that either...I'm just going to have my friend sign it, and I'll sign the other slot...lol. Good grief this was frustratin...didn't want to send it off incomplete. wink


Hey, anyone know if Scanning it in the computer and e-mailing it then would suffice? Practically the same as faxing...lol, I'm just short a Faxer, and want to get it to Jeff ASAP...not wanting to have the holy wrath of the Jeff God smite my small mortal soul laugh

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