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Are thrown weapons on tanks a good idea or a waste?

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47 minutes ago, uncleseano said:

So even if someone isn't using a bow they get the bonus? So... Thrown are kinda pointless then?


Yes, item bonuses apply to any character regardless of build, as long as it's equipped. I'm also 99% sure the improved crit chance from any longbow applies to all attacks, correct me if I'm wrong.


I wouldn't call thrown pointless if you choose them and build for them (on a dex-focused character). As an alternative to bows, they have good base damage and good secondary effects (in A3; I forget about A1 and A2). It's a matter of preference. But if your only dex-based character is an archer, then nobody in your party will make even half-decent use of thrown weapons. You really need to pump your primary attack stat (str, dex, or int) in order to have decent accuracy and damage with attacks that use it, especially on Torment.


47 minutes ago, uncleseano said:

I'm gonna run a sword & board, Archer (tool guy etc), priest, mage. The classic. So dump thrown?


Dumping (and selling) thrown would be most optimal for your party. btw if you want most of your Tool Use to come from your archer because it feels right, or to budget for specific builds across your party, go ahead. But keep in mind the game counts your party's collective Tool Use skill in A3 (again, I forget if it's the same in A1 and A2).

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