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Just figured I'd write a line or two to say hello (hello). Good to see that Spiderweb forums are still kicking in there. Can't wait to see what this Queen's Wish comes into. I only put $200 into it, but that's all I could do.

Played a bit of A3:RW before my laptop died. I'd get another one but I hardly have time to play computer games anymore. 

I got my CDL in February and have been driving a truck with my brother since then. Been all over the lower 48 except the northwest and northeast areas. It's pretty cool to get to travel around place to place and get paid for it.


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Ah the fabled Arch-Mage Solberg. Welcome back!

I've read a ton of your posts but we've never been active on the forums at the same time. You remind me that my old neighbor was a trucker. My Dad let him park his semi in our drive way. My room was closest to the driveway and when he started the thing on a Saturday morning boy did it ever wake me up! He would bring my family souvenirs from a lot of places.

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Hail to the mighty Solberg! Thanks for putting money in for Queen's Wish. Thanks to people like you, the kickstarted worked out really well from all I reckon.

Solberg as a lorry driver. Why not, why not. With Cheeseball in the handkerchief compartment and spells on the go!

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yo what it is DJ keira in the house to hijack this topic and say hi, wow i haven't been here in awhile :o what's this about a new game and stuff


how has everyone been it's 7:14 am and i'm sleppy af.



the keira formerly known as sylae

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