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A small feedback on Avernum 1 remastered

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And i bet the same applies to the 2 and 3 remastered.


1. The junk pack organizing is bad

2. The town loop sound is bad

3. The absence of the Look function which was in the original trilogy and showed all usable objects AND ITEMS ON THE GROUND is VERY BAD

4. The limited inventory is 20 years outdated style (i'm not mentioning such shitty rpg's as the dragon age 1-2-3)

5. The sell all junk function could have an option NOT to sell items with 0 value

6. The impossibilty of closing the pickup-from-the-ground window with the RMB is weird and bad and sad.


thank you.

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1. Why would the junk bag be organized? It's full of junk items

2. Never bothered me. you can change or remove it by messing with the appropriate .ogg file ine the sounds folder

3. Now that we have clear HD visuals I haven't had any issues with, "WTF is that sprite supposed to be?". But I guess it's still an absent feature...

4. Still way better than the originals. how many junk items are you hanging on to?

5. Why?

6. The game was made for Mac first then ported to PC. So don't expect a lot of RMB and scroll wheel functionality.

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1. Somewhere there was a debate on organizing items as acquired that applies to the junk bag. Everyone has different ideas on the best way that items should be arranged for them.

4. The limit is based upon the variable size for how large it can be. Having 200 for a integer limited to 256 makes sense.

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