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avernum 3:RW endgame questions (minor possible spoilers)

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I'm on my "completionist" playthrough, trying to find all the little things I missed on one of my various times through the various versions of the game... and I came across something I don't recall finding before in Footracer province... a message about "at the end, remember pants on the left rune..." or something like that.  very cryptic, and I failed to write it down so I don't recall the exact wording.


Can anyone give me a clue as to what this is referring to, or will I stumble on it when the time comes?


I also forget if there is ever a final reveal on the "eye tattoo" warriors and/or the "remember ourboros"message from one of the crystal souls in Ghirka. 

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Hello tallrice,


I think the Ouroboros comment from Glantris-Bok in Ghikra wasn't ever intended to lead on to anything, but rather was a subtle message from the vahnatai to the party. While the Avernites and the vahnatai are allies, and have been for some time, even at this point the vahnatai still seem to be playing their cards quite close to their chest. They don't want to tell the Avernites what they are doing, but they might just hint at it.


To put this in context, an Ouroboros is a serpent or dragon that is shown as holding its own tail in its mouth. Sometimes, the creature actually eats its tail, and goes on to consume itself, popping out of existence. These creatures can be *very* large. In Norse Mythology, Jörmungandr is so large that he circles the whole Earth.



I think Glantis-Bok is trying to hint at what is happening to the Empire, and to offer the Avernites some encouragement.


I interpret this as his way of saying that the party shouldn't be disturbed or overwhelmed by the size and scope of the Empire. Like the Avernites at the beginning of the game, he assumes that the Empire will still be hostile, and that Avernum will still need to defend itself from them. The Empire might be incredibly large and vastly powerful but, in the right circumstances, will destroy itself – just like an Ouroboros can cause its own demise. Think what is happening around Gale. The Golems are a huge and destructive force, but (and without wishing to be disrespectful to desperate people in hugely desperate circumstances) the actions of the citizens only seem to be hastening that destruction. Somehow, I think that's part of what the vahnatai intended.


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