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Questions regarding the unexplained things in A3 (SPOILERS)

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What is the purpose of dark thoughts?

Is there any way I can save Erika during the fight with Rentar-Ihrno?

Are there any special secret bonuses after obtaining all legendery and xian items? Maybe while having them all together in the inventory or equiped? Also what's the purpose of xian rock?

Are there any quests for the second perfect flower?

I've completed game really fast so I am wondering I missed any scenarios in my mansion. (I got the sword, killed a basilisk and saw the ghost of owner repeating his death over and over)

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Dark Thoughts seems to increase your mental resistance by 1%, but it has no other effects on gameplay.

There are no set bonuses or anything similar in this game, but you do get achievements for finding certain artifacts and 8 of the Xian items. Xian Rock spawns (useless) bricks in your inventory.

The second Perfect Flower is likely intended as a spare.

In addition to the events you listed, rats can appear in the storeroom. It's nothing particularly interesting.

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