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Game/scenario/whatever designing alternatives for those who miss Blades?


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I just noticed that my newest laptop with Mac OS High Sierra can't run any of the Blades of Exile or BoA editor versions that I could find. I wonder if I should move on to more modern alternatives.


Are there any former BoE/BoA scenario designers here who have later designed games (or something like that) with other programs?

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Making BoA scenarios is probably what put me on the path to doing gamedev. :) So I can suggest a few great tools, but none of them are designed explicitly for the sort of tactics-based RPG gameplay Spiderweb games have. I always gravitated more towards story and writing myself, so that's what these will be best for unless you're willing to learn programming and plunge into that side of things yourself (which would be an excellent investment to make).


Twine - canonically one of the most accessible, fully featured tools for making narrative games for web browsers, of which Siren For Hire is a great example. Here's a really basic RPG someone made with Twine for a game jam, just so you can see it's possible.

Ink - Like Twine but designed for games with much more complicated logic (like 80 Days and Sorcery which are worth playing if you haven't!) and compatible with bigger game engines like Unity.


And there are many more options I've never tried (RPGMaker being one of them). Sorting Hat is an excellent website that breaks down those options in the form of a little questionnaire:



Hope there's something useful in there. Lastly, the TIGSource forum is a great place to share your progress/creations in a dev log!

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Right. If you use sorting hat, go with the newer version of whatever framework you decide looks interesting. And one more thing I'd throw in the mix of suggestions is the PICO-8 which is delightful for making and playing super low-res games: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php


Here's one I made that harks back to BoA in terms of the gameplay: https://nqn.itch.io/apprentice-quest


And a newer open-source alternative to Unity is now out there called Godot, which I've heard some game design professors prefer over Unity for their beginner students.


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