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Avernum 3: Uper Avernum island

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There is an island in upper Avernum you can only get to via a boat. When you go there a little old woman says you are cute and says she not trades with more mature warriors. Does she have anything to trade? I go back here periodically (I am not level 30) and always get the same answer. What do I need to do to get here to trade with me. 



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Hello ohbejuan,


I'm not entirely sure about this, but I suspect the problem is the order in which you've dealt with the plagues. The golem plague is optional, and behaves a little differently from the others. While the game is an open one, it's generally arranged with the expectation that the player will deal with the plagues in a particular order. It sounds like, for the tower, the golem plague 'doesn't count'.

You'll need to deal with the troglodyte/giant plagues before you can enter the tower. On the upside, since you've dealt with the golems already, your party should be able to breeze through them!

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