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A1: Escape From The Pit: Blocked damage calculation

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Hi there, ive been playing SW Games for years and do not wonder too much for how damage that is blocked by enemies is calculated but now i have to know couse of enormous amount of blocked damage i see every time i atack foe(both spels and melee) eg:


I have team level 11.

Melee DW fighter strike Aranea Watcher  with Well Aimed Blow for 40 (87 blocked) damage so out of 127 points of damage (Ability description say its 45-245) enemy sucked almost 66% , thats ridiculus.

What are factors for that ?

Is it connected with my vs enemy level eg if enemies are higher level than automaticaly it get +30% Dmg blocked ? Also i nocice that if i go after few levels for same enemies then Blocked % is visible lower, so it seems that level diffrence have quite large impact on amount of blocked.

Dificulty : i play on Torment ? creature native dmg resistance ?


Same go for spels my Wiz hit with Ice storm for 41(49 resist) so about 55% goes away. Its kinda kill game joy , especialy when i have 130hp and enemies seem to have about 1000.


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i know that its releted to enemy level. Question is that if its related to level diffrences eg if im on 10 level enemy block 50dmg, but if im on 15 it only block 10 . I ask becouse i see that if i figth now (with 11level team) with lower level enemy then it block like 15 dmg and when i was fighting them when i was on 5level they block 40. so it seems that game do not want us to fight too hight level (from us)  ?

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The percentage of damage blocked isn't affected by your own level, but there are some bugs in how it's displayed. Changes in damage from things like buffs, debuffs, and difficulty level are correctly factored in to the actual damage you do, but they aren't correctly displayed in the calculation of how much damage is blocked. So if you were using buffs at level 15 and didn't have those buffs yet at level 10, that would explain the difference.

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