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Sidequests have become too difficult -- Avernum 6


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Hey all,


Playing through Avernum 6 for the first time. 


I'm wondering if maybe I just suck at decision making and put my points/items in the wrong place, or something else. I've hit a point in the game where almost every sidequest is really difficult. I almost always go out to a quest and then get 1-2 shot by whatever monster I'm supposed to be disposing.




Here are all of my stats and items for my characters. I'm approximately level 13 on all of them.


Should I just ignore the side quests and keep on with the main story? I hit the part where I have to go talk to the dragon for the first time, but I wanted to clear out my (huge) quest list, but I'm having a lot of trouble doing most of them.


Some are easy, like the claim check quest, and others seem to be impossible, like X's quest.


Any advice would be very welcome!

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You didn't mention your difficulty level, but if you are dying that easily then consider increasing endurance for the next few levels to increase health. You can't do much about armor until later in the game when you can find better pieces.


Some side quests are really meant to be done later in the game. You can do them with lots of exploits like choosing a position where very few enemies can attack you. So don't feel bad about skipping the harder ones for now and going up a few levels by starting the next area. The order you do quests makes a lot of difference.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It helps understand that scripted fights don't make sense. :)

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Your skill point spending seems to be ok, even though I wouldn't use a dedicated archer.


For me, this seems to be a matter of too high difficulty or you aren't using your characters to their full potential.


Some tips:

1) Whenever possible, try to fight as few enemies at a time. Use corridors, lure them out, do anything you can.

2) Don't forget your summoning spells and daze. In the early game, summoned shades deal nice damage and summoned beasts are a nice distraction.

3) Do the simpler jobs and plot quests if possible. Some side quests, especially when it comes to killing enemies, can be quite brutal for a low-level party.


Imo, A6 was the easiest of the 2nd trilogy.

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