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Settings To Play Avernum Games On Windows 8.1 Tablet


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Trying to run Avernum 1 demo on an old Motion tablet which predates the first iPad and originally had Windows 7 on it, up-dated to Windows 8.1 Pro. Tablet specs: 64-bit, i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB HDD. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Core i3) 1696 MB graphics memory, 64 MB dedicated. Not exactly hard-core gaming graphics but usually good enough for the things I want to do. Cost about £3000 back in the day when it was 'cutting edge'. I am reluctant to throw it away and thought if I could get favourite old games to play on it then it would be an excuse to go on owning it 😉 


The only other programmes installed on the tablet are the Vivaldi browser and iTunes - I usually only use the tablet once a month to run iTunes for backing up my iPhone and iPad which I cannot do easily on my Linux machines without messing with Virtual Box. So, no software conflicts or lack of disk space are likely. 


Demo installs, game begins, as soon as there is any layering, e.g. a dialogue pops up, the screen begins to flicker rapidly. The game can still be played but the strobbing effect is unpleasant. Once the game opens, even before the flickering begins, it cannot be closed by exiting in the normal way. It is only closed by shutting down the tablet. 


I have tried tweaking settings for the demo using Windows own "compatibility troubleshooter" but each thing I do seems to make matters worse. I imagine someone has already found the best tweaks for Windows 8.1. I hope that someone here can point me to the right settings to use whether by adjusting Windows' settings or within the games' own settings...?


Any help appreciated. Thanks!



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