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Can't get to End Game, Avernum 3 (spoilers ahead)

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I have dealt with all the monster plagues, golems and alien beasts too. Been under Tinraya, the crystal souls persuaded me not to destroy them. Was that a huge mistake? I finally got Berra to believe my evidence as well. I've been to the Bunker and received a crystal thingy earlier. Anaximander doesn't say anything new. I've been harassing Prazac and Erika back and forth, delivered the messages and received Her boon. Obtained beastslayer blade.. I mean warpblade thing from the dragons earlier on. I've recently checked the tower of magi too just in case Solberg pulls something out of his pants or something. I have nothing left on the quest list except unicorn horns and stuff like that.


I think the last thing Anaximander said was I should check Ghikra. Did that, did everything there, the place is empty now. No reaction though. I guess that's where my progress halted.


I can't figure out what I should do...

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