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Hello Wendy,


In order to get in to Khora-Vysss, you need to head there from underground. You can't do that from the south, so you'll need to head there from the north. The path starts in the underground section of the Drake Pillars. You can get underground from the south-eastern corner of the Pillars.


Once you've gone far enough, you'll find yourself in Khora-Vysss's sewer systems. You'll need to use several wheels to lower the water level at various points, allowing you to access the entire area. Once you find Kazhri-Uss, you'll also find a staircase that leads upstairs and into the heart of Khora-Vysss itself. Be careful there! The sliths are strong, and the Slithzerikai Horror is especially so.


If you'd like a more visual guide, you can trace the route you'll need to take using the Avernum 5 Annotated Maps, which also feature a complete guide on how to pass the sewer systems:



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You know, I actually missed that little extra until you pointed it out here! It's even missing from the walkthrough I posted above. I'll have to go back through Avernum 5 again at some point and see if there's anything else I missed!


In case you haven't found the reward yet, you can find the statue here:



At the northern entrance to the upper level of Khora-Vysss are four slith statues. Walk up to the one on the left-hand side of the screen, and you should find a special cap.


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