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Isle of Bigail map?

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I've just arrived on the Isle of Bigail and am in the process of exploring but the map is not filling in like the first area did - the map is just staying blank. The outline of the island is visible but is not filling in when exploring. What am I doing wrong as I guess it's not supposed to be like this? I'm running the GOG 1.0.2 version if that makes any difference.



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The way that mapping works in Avernum 3 is slightly different from the other Avernum games, so it can be a little unexpected if you’re not used to it.


In order to see the map of an area, you need to buy a physical map. After all, you’re exploring territory that neither your party nor most Avernites know particularly well, so a map is an important tool to help you travel around on the surface! You had a map of the first area because it was given to you in Avernum; all the rest you’ll need to buy yourself. Talking to people in the major cities in each region is usually (but not always!) a good starting point.


If you want to find the map of Bigail, have you tried:



talking to the librarian in Shayder? He’s in the northern corner of the city. He’s a good person to talk to anyway, since he’ll help you with the plague on the island.



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