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A2 iOS empty chests

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I’m working my way through the Avernums on an iPad, and am nearing the end of A2.


Just retrieved Demonslayer, and suddenly all chests are empty. This affects all of my saved games, and the autosave.


Not used any cheats, and I am able to place and retrieve items in the chests; there’s just nothing already in any container (I’ve confirmed this by visiting three permanently inhabited locations, from which I know I’ve not liberated anything).


I see from forum searches that this has been reported for PC / Mac games, but hope that my game’s not broken (retrieved 2 of three crystals, have Crown clearance &c) on iOS.


If it’s relevant, all my surplus unique items are in the Tower of Magi portal room. Junk bag empty.


Is there anything I can do to resolve this?





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The only solution is to start over from the last save where new containers were not empty. The bug only affects containers in new zones that you haven't explored. It doesn't affect dropped items.


You could just go on knowing that you will not get that extra loot and might miss a few named items.


I've seen the bug in different games and I haven't heard of a solution.

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Many thanks for the reply.


I’m still a bit puzzled, though; the only new area I’ve entered since I know he issue was not present is the Tomb of Demonslayer, and all containers everywhere are now empty. I suspect the issue has been present for a while for me, though, as all six of my saves are affected (but I was able to take the Demonslayer.


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12 minutes ago, [ Multiverse Munchers ] said:

Holy wow.  I can't believe this bug still exists.  12 years now?

The problem is that no one has ever found the trigger. If you spot it with a recent save you can repeat every step and not have it happen again for the remainder of the game.

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Ok. I’m resigned to completing the game without anything in the chests in the main areas of the game, and having lost my Tower of Magi stash. I will console myself with some cash via the cheats, to compensate for the lost stash.

Bizarrely, just freed Sulfras, and his now devastated area includes behaviour as expected (items on ground / corpses), but the whole main area is still without any chest / ground items. I’m guessing the game treats the Sulfras area as new for the purposes of maintaining inventory, but that the inventory for my main Avernum area is now irretrievably broken.


I note that the saved games are accessible via iTunes (or rather the hideously named iMazing, which is what I actually use).


When I start A3, I will be exporting saved games to a computer. Just in case.


Actually, while I was initially aggravated, I now take the view that I can at least still complete the game, and the hovering danger of CHEST EATING might be considered EXTREME RPGing. Still not doing it on Torment, as I’m not a complete lunatic.


Thanks for the advice, though.



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