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Stupidish Endgamish questions

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So I've made it to the Great Walls. I've destroyed the alien beasts and was just ready to enter the final gauntlet to what I presume is the endgame, when I realized I hadn't done a few things. Because I'm silly like this. I want to do EVERYTHINGish!


1. I went back to the Keep of Tinraya just to see the place and clean it out (I had gotten into the sewers first and did all the fights there and beat the Vahnatai. Then decided to go back for some sightseeing because I'd missed most of the town). There is a room with three chests in the back on the right side behind a portcullis. There appears to be no way into it. I used Move Mountains to get into the area on the left side, but so far haven't been able to get into these chests. Is Jeff just teasing us? Yeah, I know I don't need money anymore, but it would be nice!!


2. I never found the fifth stone circle. Where oh where is it?


3. The Level 3 spell for Call Beast is supposed to be in the Portal Fortress. I should have found that weeks ago. Can't find it. I suspect it's on those mica sheets in the library, but so far I haven't found out how to read them.


4. Shahpur in Angel's Rest wants to meet somebody who has met Empress Prazac. I met her the first time and found Shahpur, but never got the prompt to tell her about it. Maybe I have to try that again now that the contract is in place and it's OK for me to talk about it?


5. Soldiers Possessions for Lorelei. I went to the Giant's cave three times looking for the last one. I freed all the prisoners. I couldn't have missed it. How did I miss it?


There are a few other Level 3 spells I never got (got all the Priest ones except Return Life), but I got the medals for 'em, so I'll let those go I guess. So far I have not got the medal for "a Home," although I bought Hawke's Manse weeks ago. Maybe that medal isn't for buying my house?


So these are stupidish questions, but I wanna know!! I've got plenty of time to go back and do these things if I can. Thanks!!

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1. The lever to open that portcullis is in the northeast corner.


2. There are stone circles:

East of Fort Emergence

Southeast of Vakhos Lair using the Orb of Thralni

Isle of Bigail in southeast mountains
Northwest of Malloc

North of Spineridge using concealed passage


3. Talk to Walner


4. Should have worked the first time.


5. One Soldier's Possession is behind a dispel barrier level 1 while the others are in containers.

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Thanks, as always Randomizer! I think you might know these games better than Jeff! You're really amazing.


I'll try Shahpur again, as long as I'm going wandering anyway to find that verdamnte stone circle. But I'm only gonna try to find the soldier's possessions ONE more time!


Will update tomorrow night! Having blazing fun with the game with the notable exception of the Golem Factory. I was super satisfying to go back there, at least! I felt vindicated.

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