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Defiled Crypt Questions

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So I blundered into the Defiled Crypt, which has to do with the Vahnatai. Two questions:


First, I found a book that I can't read because I don't have enough Vahnatai Lore. I finished a couple of other things and went back to the Vahnatai town in Upper Avernum, but I can't figure out where to buy more Lore. I swear I talked to everybody there.


Second, after I get through the trapped section there's a door that clearly goes to the rest of the area, but it's blocked. So far I've been unable to find any other way in. Clearly I've missed something. 


Any advice? Thanks!

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There are places in the game where you can gain more Vahnatai Lore by looking at books like in Erika's Tower, doing quests, and just plain looting the right spots.


There are lots of hidden switches in the Crypt and move mountains will bring down walls to a few other rooms. So use the "u" command to highlight switches.

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OK, I think I might have this figured out now. (I tried to insert a screenshot here but can't figure out how to do it).


In the entrance to what I assume is going to be the main part of the dungeon, at the bottom right of the trapped area where the floor turns to poison, there are two statues and two blue boxes that block entry. Or, there were two statues and two boxes. I just fought a bunch of Vahvanoi, and now there is only one statue and one blue box. 


I think I'm going to have to have one more battle with Vahvanoi, and perhaps survive one more icy floor episode, and then the statue and box will disappear and I'll be able to get in.


I think. Gotta go out for awhile, so I'll try tonight!


Thanks, guys!

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