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Does anyone know if a character editor/link/script is available anywhere for Avernum 4? I'm playing on easy, but it still isn't easy enough for me (I know, I know) and I'd like to get further in the game without pulling all my hair out.   I've tried Shift D and typing in "editor" and I get nothing. 


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Hello suebee,


Unfortunately, unlike the other Avernum games, Avernum 4 has no inbuilt editor. This means that the 'editor' code won't do anything in this game. However, there is a user-created editor which you can download from this topic:




In the first post, click on the link with the title 'A4editor.zip'. This contains the editor and all the documentation you need. Note that the other links in the post no longer work, mainly because this editor is quite old now. This editor doesn't have the full functionality of Spiderweb's editors, but with it you will be able to increase your party's experience and level, and give your party items, money, herbs etc..


Given the way this board handles downloads, it's possible you also might not be able to download from the 'A4editor.zip' link. If that's the case, let me know, and I'll upload the editor somewhere else temporarily.


Welcome to the boards. And do enjoy your time with Avernum 4!





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Hello Wendy,


This editor is packaged in an unusual way, and one that's slightly confusing!


When it was written, the original developer came up with a way for the editor to install itself automatically by making use of the file structure of zip archives. There's no installer as such in the zip file; rather, the zip file itself is the installer! By opening the file in the Averum 4 folder, all the required components would install themselves in the appropriate places.


However, given the age of the editor, that approach might not work any more, and I wouldn't recommend trying it. Instead, to install the editor, do the following:


1. Go into the 'Scripts' folder which you should find inside the 'Avernum 4 Data' folder where you keep Avernum 4.

2. Find the file z60monasterdlg.txt, make a copy of it and put it somewhere safe. This is to make sure that you can always return the game to its original state should something go wrong.

3. Replace the file in this 'Scripts' folder with the file of the same name in the 'Scripts' folder in the editor (which is inside the 'Data' folder). Ignore the file with a 1 on the end! That's another backup.

4. Load Avernum 4 and speak to Bodrie in the dining hall of Fort Monastery. Note that you might need to exit the area and re-enter if you're using a game saved in Fort Monastery itself, since otherwise the correct scripts will not load.


I hope this is helpful!

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Hello SherlockTAS - MSW,


The link is still alive and well!

What I imagine has happened is that you've tried to download the editor without being signed in to the forums. Spiderweb downloads are only available to registered forums users, so you will have received an error message if you weren't signed in. I'll admit that error message is rather misleading – once I've found out where in the gubbins it's hidden, I'll try to alter it to make a little clearer!

For the sake of completeness, here's a complete description. Take a look at the topic I linked to earlier in this thread:


In the first post in that topic, click on the link titled 'A4editor.zip'. Be sure that you're signed in before trying to download the file. That links still works – I've just checked it myself!

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