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How can I enter Lorelei?

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I can't get into Lorelei for the quest "Go to Lorelei". All 4 gates are barred. I've walked all the way round and can't find any secret buttons or weak walls.

I tried teleporting from Ernest's hut but that just puts me outside the East gate and I still can't get in. I have no trouble entering Bengaro next door.


Oops, sorry, I didn't go close enough to the gate. Entry gained.

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Problem solved
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What I was wondering is will Lorelei eventually crumble like in the original Avernum III where you could just kill all the guards and the cities would get eradicated overnight - eventually you could gain access to anywhere in Sharimik and Lorelei because the towns were just destroyed - didn't even have to stop the slimes or roaches 😃

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