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A3 Augmentation question

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So I'm approaching end game and am starting to consider augmenting my gear.


Before I do though, I want to make sure I am not augmenting gear that I am about to replace. 


Obviously augmenting weapons is the best use of the service. Are there any weapons better than the frozen sword and radiant sword in the game? I am about to start the alien beast plague, if you need a reference to my progress.


I am most likely going to augment my frozen and radiant swords for my main dual wield damage dealer, but don't want to if I upgrade it immediately in the Alien Beast plague. Thus far the only contenders have been Wyrmslayer and Warpmetal blade, but those are actually quite a bit worse than the two I listed for raw damage. 


The reason I am asking you instead of just doing it myself is because once I start Alien Beast plague I will most likely just finish the game before I ever augment anything so don't want to waste the free boost.

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There are 12 places to augment gear for a total of 23 items.


I went with augmenting armor because at the harder difficulties it's better to improve armor to reduce damage.


However if you go with weapons than the Warpmental Blade is useful to clear Footrace Province where you fight lots of alien beasts because it removes their magical attacks. You will need to switch your primary blade to take advantage of the bonus damage effects. Why waste a flaming blade fire damage on a fire resistant monster.

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I agree that it is generally better to augment armor instead of weapons on higher difficulties. However, even if you have multiple weapon-users in your party and you also want to augment a few spare weapons, that will only use up a few of your total augmentation options. As such, there is no reason not to augment the best weapons.


Because the strength of the augmentation bonus depends on the stats of the original item, the best armor pieces to augment are those with the highest initial armor ratings. (Of course, the fact that you have a limited number of augmentations available only further accentuates this point.) Body armor pieces from Blessed Breastplate onward are a particularly great target for augmentation, as their armor ratings are very high, they will never really become obsolete, and you won't have to wait until the very end of the game to obtain them.


Also, as a fan of silly memes, I find this hilarious:





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