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Final battle with Rentar

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I have gone through the lower level of Rentar's keep, flipping the switches according to the user guide and checking to see that the beams aim at the center.  I go through the battle part upstairs, eventually reach the control panel, push the correct buttons (at least according to the user guide) and. . . . nothing.  Nothing at all.  Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?  I've gone through the entire process 3 times with no success.  Thanks!

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The fight ends at the end of the round after using the control panel. There should be a long cut scene.


Do you have Erika's Amulet? If not then you have to reach the control panel three times.


Did you press all the buttons? The first is a reset that requires going back to lower levels. You only press three buttons and there are messages telling you that on the right track.

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