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Killing Rentar-Ihrno (SPOILERS!)

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OK, so I know the plot is set up so you are not supposed to kill Rentar-Ihrno. I already won in the traditional fashion.


Seeing as Avernum 4 remake may not be coming out, though, I thought it would be a fun challenge; it's always a nice challenge to do things you aren't supposed to do. (I got into the blocked-off section of Avernum in Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, for example.) Has anyone done this? Can you do enough damage in one round to R-I before she heals herself? 

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If you are using a 4-character party with good damage-dealing capabilities and keep focusing fire on Rentar-Ihrno, it's fairly easy to outspeed her healing ability.

The problem is that you cannot bring her health down to 0, which makes killing her impossible.


By the way, welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave you sanity at the door.

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