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New to Avernum: a few questions

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Hello everyone, i'm pretty new to Avernum & all i can say is that i'm loving it. It really brought me back to my younghood memories, mostly thanks to the absence of music in exchange for grim cavern sounds & howls. Lovely.


I got a few doubts about mechanics & game in general, i read the Help section in the game & a few guides here and there but probably i did not digged some concepts (english is not my native language).

Premise: i created a party with this custom classes: Fighter(Tanky) Fighter (Damage) Priest (Heal&Buff) Mage (Damage&Magestuff), the classic of the classic.


1) I read that to learn or improve spells i must go to trainers or find spellbooks. Inside the bandit fort (beginning of the game) i found a Call Beast book, i read it & now my relative spell is "level 2".

a - What are the differences between those levels? Are those written in some places in game?
b - Do i need to learn level 1 from trainer, 2 from trainer and get level 3 from books or can be done in any order? Or is just a matter of price (level 1-2 cheaper, level 3 from book is more convenient?)

2) More general skills (like Battle Skills)

Same topic from 1), do i need to train them & then find books to improve the grade? Or those can be self-learnt?


3) Save games

Do "Steam" synchronize between same account on difference PC the savegames?


4) Suggestions


Do you have some general suggestions on anything?


5) Lore & Setting


Is there a place where lore & setting is written?


Thanks everyone



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1. a. Call up the spell menu and move your cursor over the specific spells to read their descriptions. Most attack spells get bonus damage. Call Beast has summoned monster getting bonus effects like War Blessing for a few rounds.


1. b. Depending on the game you can do it in any order and some spells aren't worth getting the extra levels. Older versions of the First Avernum Trilogy required you to train in the first level before you could get extra levels from the spell book. Early Geneforge games required you to get the first two levels from a trainer, otherwise when you got the level from a book or canister then you couldn't go back to a trainer.


2. Battle Skills like Parry and some other skills like Arcane Lore have trainers, but if you use them before the cap at 10, then you can't use skill points to reach the maximum of 12. Some like Arcane Lore it's better to use the trainers since you don't need the maximum.


5. The Strategy Central topics have links to topics that list the maximum values of Arcane Lore, Cave (Nature) Lore, and Tool Use.


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You don't learn level 3 unless you have used a trainer. What you get is a level in the spell and if it's the first time, then you get only level 1 use. It become level 3 when you use the trainer for 2 levels.


Some places have spell books that give only level 1 and you need to go elsewhere for level 3.

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