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Hi Guys,

I can't find the switches that gain me access to the area I know leads to Zkal's lower level or access to the little space just to the southeast of that little pit on the southwest corner of the first level. I have looked for over an hour and its giving me a headache. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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If nothing else, I suggest leaving the tower so all the switches reset, then pressing "u" constantly as you move through the corridors and unlock everything again. That's how I found the one switch I had failed to press the first time around and opened up that final room behind the pillars.

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It's difficult to give clear written directions due to the Tower's maze-like structure, so I drew one possible route from the entrance to the lower-level trapdoor on the minimap.

  • hearts: necessary hidden switches
  • stars: portals and their respective destinations
  • lightning bolt: lever that opens a portcullis (which stays open even if you exit the Tower).





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