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Abandoning a quest? (The Wayfarer)


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Hey everyone,


I'm playing the original Avadon and really loving it so far! However, I have a quest called The Wayfarer (it's received in Kva Lands, on the way to Zhethron's Aerie), where I'm being asked to deliver information that I found. But, I decided that I didn't want The Wayfarer to see/know this information after all.


When I approach the barrel and indicate that I don't want to leave a message, the quest remains, and the option still exists for me to leave the message next time I approach the barrel. Is there any way to either resolve this quest or abandon it, without giving this information away? Just don't want it sitting in my quest log all game. Thanks!

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The quest has a time limit where once you report back to Avadon for the first Kva Lands quest it should go away or at least you can no longer complete it. I remember on my first time playing I missed finding the way to get the papers until much later.


The Wayfarer will keep coming back with more quests and you can choose whether to do them or not. The idea being that you will see more about how Avadon politics works as you do side quests.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. That way you might find it later. Then again it might get eaten by fluffy turtles. :)

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