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Damage, Disadvantages and Guardians in A2 on Torment? [SPOILERS]

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Began playing Avernum 2, after never completely beating it.

As with all Avernums, I play on Torment. (Completed A3,4,5 and 6 on Torment. A3 as singleton (with disadvantages only), A4,5 with a duo and A6 with a trio).

I have reached all the way to Fort Remote. I have returned one Crystal soul from the Empire Fort.


Currently, I am playing with a Slith-Nephil duo. The Slith has Natural mage and Completely Inept as the character traits. Nephil has Divinely Touched and Completely Inept.

Both are at level 47. Both have 283 hit points.

Slith has 14 strength, 7 Dexterity, 11 Intelligence, 14 Pole weapons (and 8 Anatomy). Nephil has 17 Intelligence, 18 Priest Spells and 4 Magery.


So the questions:

-Why the Slith does so little damage with a Blessed Halberd against Guardians (the only way to damage them, as summons don't see them..), even with lvl 3 Beast Ceremony and Heroic Brew?

-Why the Nephil heals so little? Does getting the level 3 heal really have such an effect (with the level 2 heal, I tend to heal around 35 points of damage)? The Guardians tend to chew up my Slith faster that I can heal, even when hasted :p Oh, and please, don't tell me where to find it. I want to find it myself :)

-Is the disadvantage of "Completely Inept" giving higher negative impacts on damage values compared to Avernum 3, as I didn't have a similar issue in it? Or is the Torment just harder in A2 than A3?

-OR is the Elite Warrior a "requirement" in order to actually deal damage with a warrior?


Sincerely, Laati / Puksis


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