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Avernum 1 Stat question

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Partly related to the last question, but need to confirm. On my A1 Mage, I have a +1 Mage Spell Necklace and a 4% percent spell damage Necklace. Wore both and checked spell damage on lightning spray. I got 1 more point min damage with +1 then I did with 4%. So it looks like for each point in mage, you get a 5percent more spell damage? 

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The Mage Spells skill and direct bonuses from equipment increase your spell damage in different ways: Mage Spells adds another damage die per level, whereas direct bonuses multiply your damage. This means that the damage increase from a single level of Mage Spells, percentage-wise, depends on your existing number of damage dice; on the other hand, 4% extra damage is always 4% extra damage.

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