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The Orb of Thralni is missing

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I'm having an odd issue with the Orb. I was randomly exploring the caves when I stumbled upon the Stagnant Caverns. I found what I think was the corpse of Thralni, clicked it, and I believe the text said I found the Orb. Later on I got a quest to find said Orb, but can't find it in my inventory, nor in the Special Items list. Returning to the corpse does nothing, and I'm now mildly worried if the play-through is broken.





Nothing in the Special Items, and nothing on the corpse.



Any ideas on a reason/solution?

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Orb of Thralni would be in a character's inventory if you had it, it is not a special item.  Did you check all 4 inventories and your junk bag?  I usually keep it in a quick use slot of my first character.  I can't tell from the screen shot, but are you in the North East portion of the Stagnant Caverns?  The corpse is in the NE.

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I just looked back at Silver's A1 maps and Mike's A:EFTP maps and it does appear that you are at the correct corpse.  If it is not in one of your character's inventories and not in the corpse's inventory, then you are going to need to consider reloading a pervious save or getting advice from one of the people who is more familiar with the scrips and flags than I am.

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Just checked and you can't put the Orb of Thralni into your junk bag and you can't drop it on the ground either.  Once you get it you can't get rid of it.


If this is your first game, did you earn the medal "I can fly!"?


edit: just checked your pictures.  It's not a Special Item, it's an item that should appear in the first characters inventory.

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That is the correct corpse and the "There's nothing else" message means you have picked it up. Once you have the Orb of Thralni, the only spots that you can put that item are in your pack or in a quick use slot. I just tried deleting my character carrying it and that fails because of it. Can you screenshot all four characters inventories+quick use item slots?


Have you done any modding of your game? I can probably make some sort of modification to give item 492 if it seems like it really did just poof out of existence somehow.

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