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Greetings spiderweb software dwellers!


I just got my hands on the new Avernum 3 release and am looking forward to sinking my teeth into it this weekend. Before I start though, I have some inquiries to make of those of you who have gotten far into the game.


Jeff historically seems to struggle and balancing damage types (specifically archers) and in past games I have found myself approaching endgame with a potato of a character (or two) on my hands because their damage type is simply not very powerful in the game. So my question is: from the list of


dual wield dps

2h polearm slith dps


and (not dps but same question) sword and board tank


are any of notably poor ability in A3? 


I'm not terribly hardcore about my playthroughs, but it does bug me to be playing something that is grossely weak compared to my other party members.  Thanks!



PS: Before someone makes a comment on no healers; that list isn't he comp I usually run, it is just a list of character types that are problematic most often.

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Jeff made physical damage resistance lower as of 1.0.1 I believe, so everything is viable. People will argue what's optimal, but really, as long as you have a balanced party, you should be fine. I would note in your list above that your potential dual wield fighter needs to start out life as a sword & board if s/he wants to actually land a hit...

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