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Midgame build strategy?

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Okay, so I missed Exile but caught Avernum, and this is my first foray into the reboot, which I'd missed until now.  Some great dialog and story!  But as expected a fair bit of tedium running down side quests, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  I didn't go right to the cockroaches after slimes, and so got redirected by death back to the cockroaches, lol!  Going off the story path is not very forgiving...  But I think I'm going okay, this isn't a roguelike so no permadeath, and I'm enjoying the exploration and strategic challenges and puzzle-solving (though I have no idea with the Cockroaches how I figured out what buttons to press...  but hey, only 4 buttons, I got the time to do trial and error on that without punishment, so I guess I finally guessed correctly, what was the clue?)


But now I'm pushing level 20 and I'm wondering if I did builds right before I try to get the rest of the way through...


All human, sword&board, halberd, bow, and caster.  Nothing but strength into the melee, dex to the bow, and int to the caster.  Caster ignores all other skills, the other three cover tool use, nature, and a bit of first aid.  Also gave a point of priest spells to the non-casters, and a point of arcane, then trained another 2 points in arcane as much as I could afford.  Caster is now 12/12 Mage/Priest, have been building Spellcraft and Resistance for a while, up to 8 or 9 each now.


Playing on normal, do I ever need to put stat points into Endurance?


And I'm thinking of having a noncaster or two pick up a sideline in casting, a buffer.  First frontliner, sword and board, take Mage to Haste, halberd take Priest.  I shouldn't need to put any points into Intelligence.  But can I afford to hold back points from melee skills in order to achieve some good utility for my melee guys?  I'm loving stacking gymnastics with sniper for the bow, so that one I'll keep focusing my development there.

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Playing normal is pretty forgiving on 'non-optimal' builds.


Tossing a point or two into Endurance (especially for the front line guys) every few levels isn't a horrible idea (or using a trait point for the same).


Everyone in my group uses magic to some extent or another.  My front line guys each have enough mage/priest abilities to buff the party before the oncoming rush of monsters arrive (allowing the rear guys to toss some AoE spells into the horde).  Everyone should have some priest skills from the beginning so that anyone can heal/cure poison, it will be needed.


Jeff tends to design 'normal' to, while not be a stroll in the park, not wipe you out regularly either.  You generally have to work really hard to screw up any build at that level (such as putting all your melee fighter's skill points into thrown missiles & none in melee).  You should have a reasonably survivable build if you put your points into logical places for that type of character.

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It sounds like your team just mostly focuses on stabbing things as much as possible, as quickly as possible. I don't think all group types would need more health, at least on normal. I bet yours could use some though. If you don't have the three traits that increase health by percentages yet, by about the point you're at those should start increasing health more than endurance does, maybe even the one that only increases health by 3%. 





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Playing on normal means you certainly don't need to put points into endurance. Heck, torment almost means you can't put points into endurance, because if you focus too much on HP you won't really be able to hit higher-level enemies reliably. I didn't put a single point into endurance. Torment encourages you to kill fast, because most things will kill you pretty fast even with endurance. The only health additions I got were from the health traits, because they become more and more valuable as you level up. That was my experience, anyways. That said, the difficulty is front-loaded on torment, and it became ridiculously easy towards the end since I put all my stat points into strength and dexterity at the beginning for the warrior and archer, respectively, and only towards the end started training both in dexterity and strength. The casters never trained in anything but intelligence. I imagine it would be really difficult to mess up on normal.

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