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Avernum 3 still not displaying widescreen at 2560x1440

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I posted about this issue back in 2015 when Avernum 2 was re-released, and I'm pretty pissed I still have to post about it now, but has anyone figured out how to hack either Avernum 2 or Avernum 3 to display higher resolutions in widescreen the way Avernum 1 did?  Specifically, at 2560x1400, the game refuses to display in widescreen.  Jeff gave some vague answer three years ago about the engine doing weird things at higher resolutions, but I don't recall that ever being a problem with his earlier games.  And since he clearly has no intention of removing this limitation, I was hoping that in the years since this became an issue that someone had documented a way to force the games to display at the proper resolution.


I've been waiting three years to play Avernum 2, and will apparently have to keep waiting to play both that and Avernum 3.  Hoping someone can help.

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I can't help you out, per se, but am wondering what monitor you're using to play this on. I'm on a 27" iMac w/ a Retina display. True, the game doesn't quite take up the entire screen, but quite enough of it so I'm not really noticing what's happening outside the borders. Like, pretty much not at all. I think I was on a different computer when Avernum 1's remake came out, so I'm afraid I can't remember the issue and how it worked out there.

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