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Job board deliveries

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Killing monster deliveries require you kill that specific monster type. For instance a wolf and not a dire wolf.


You get a text message in the bottom box saying you killed the monster and now can deliver the parts. The quest list message changes from go kill the monster to deliver monster parts to the recipient.

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51 minutes ago, txmimi said:

I see; you have to take the mission and hope you run across that creature within the time frame.


As an example, there are some Asps & Snakes in the swamp area W of Agate Tower. Knowing that a bounty quest asked for 1 long after I wiped them out, in my 2nd play through, I have let them live for the time being. Though I'm not sure if outdoor encounters like those re-spawn or not.

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Encounters in fixed outdoor locations like those snakes don't respawn. However there are dungeon and a few outdoor locations up north where you can encounter them and the dungeons may eventually respawn.


Jeff said he was going to fix it so job board monsters will respawn somewhere.

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45 minutes ago, The Executable Branch said:

I feel like finding those monsters has been a hassle in all three incarnations of this game.  Ah well.


Me too, that's why I generally only took the jobs where the delivery was essentially just showing up (taking much needed medicine to 'y' person at 'z' location).  Those I 'knew' I could get done (even with a really short delivery lead time).  Another problem with the 'go kill 'x' type of monster' jobs is that it takes up 1/4 of the job slots for a long time until you happen across the monster to kill.  Several times I ran into a case where there were 2-3 easily finished jobs in a relatively small geographic area but couldn't take one of them because I was on a long term monster search.


Ah well, all part of the game I suppose.  In the end I'm glad that the job boards are there & not just 'quest' job boards like most of the other Avernum games.  Having a relatively easy way to earn the extra money needed for that extra level of a spell was nice to have available. 

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