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A3: How much do you alternate between upper avernum and the surface?

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Whatever doesn't kill you. On normal and casual difficulties you can explore most of Upper Avernum. On hard and torment difficulties there are parts of Erika's Tower and that area you might want to skip until later.


Also it depends upon how many and what spells you have since area effects spells make a great deal of difference in how quickly you can kill things.

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At first only did Goblin Cave and bandits; Then went back somewhere while i was in the Isle of Bengail, did New Formello and New Contra;

When i was towards the end of the game i went back and tackled all the hidden nooks and crannies, and at that point it was mostly easy ecpect for a couple of battles;

i would say save it for later, but go to New Formello and do the misterious murder Quests; you will need something there and it should be relatevely easy; Also do not bother to spend money buying a boat at first, it will not really pay off;

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12 hours ago, dave s said:

I just finished the slime factory. Explored Tower of Magi, but there is also a bunch of other stuff in upper avernum I ignored. What order should I tackle stuff in?

The western nephil (loot) and southern rats will be a breeze, and so should the western ice worm (quest). You might still struggle with the chitrak infestation by New Formello (quest), the nasty worms in the eastern tunnels (loot) and the Slith villages by Erika (loot). And you'll probably need a good deal more arcane lore before it's worth buying the boat at New Cotra (spell books).


It all depends on the difficulty though.

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5 minutes ago, dave s said:


The constructs wouldn't let me past after the Slime plague, I assume I would have to do the next plague first.

No. I think you need to have found the mark in the Slime Pits that hints at Erika's involvement, and talk to both Anaximander (sp?) and Berra maybe in Fort Emergence. The former will direct you to seek out Erika I think. And as far as Anaximander goes, sometimes I had done so much since my last visit w/ him, I'd need to walk into the room--get forced dialog options--walk out of the room, and then back in for a new round.

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