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Aranea Fangs et al

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I have accumulated a few.  They don't have a price on them but there is a comment about an alchemist somewhere might want them.  Anyone know where that alchemist is?


I have received a quest to destroy the temple of lucre (or whatever) from an Empire Wizard Roselei.  Where is Roselei?


I tried giving Carmine the uranium but he didn't take it.  And he is not interested in Steel.  What does he want?


Got the quest to kill a vampire by the sea.  When I went there I didn't get an option to kill him.  I did end up killing the ogres so I thought that the quest would vanish but it didn't.???


Clearing up loose ends before I end the game.


It has been a frustrating but great experience and I will miss the game when I finish it.  Thank you Jeff




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Aranea Fangs are a hold over starting with Avernum 4, but are worthless here.


You only need to visit the Temple of Divine Lucre. Roselei is hanging out with the other Skribbane addicts near their supplier.


Carmine wants the special item Lumps of Metal.


Some quests stay on the list if you don't finish them.

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If you accepted the quest to kill the vampire but instead went back and killed the ogres (though I recall them actually being giants, except that the quest listing says ogres), you should still be able to talk to the vampire and accept his quest to kill the ogres. Once you do that and return to the vampire to claim your reward, both quests should be removed from your quest list.

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