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A3: Fine Steel Waveblade? Same as Bronze Broadsword

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Another great example is the Talisman of Might. Judging by its massive value of 4000 gold, you'd think that it would be one of the most powerful artifacts in the game, and yet all it does is give a 8% bonus to melee damage. Now, compare it to the Emerald Chain (worth 1500 gold), which gives 3% armor and 3 Blademaster, i.e. strictly better bonuses. (Although the Chain doesn't seem to appear in A3:RW specifically.)


Or compare it to the OLD Talisman of Might, which gave you 4 Strength and thus an invaluable boost to your encumbrance limit.

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Yeah, I was completely thrown off by that when I found it. I was thinking, hmm, is it better for my resistance-less warrior to equip this? It is worth 4,000 gold...but I also have Temperate Necklace offering much needed elemental resistance so she doesn't get one-shotted by drakes all the time...I chose the necklace, but still held on to the Talisman for some reason.

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I didn't notice that I hadn't give waveblades the proper stat increase when I did rebalancing. They will be much better in v102.


"Welcome to the inconsistent equipment bonus levels of modern Spiderweb games."


It can be fixed, but I don't read these forums much. I am very happy to make changes, but drop me a note at support@spiderwebsoftware.com. I've been fixing things pointed out in emails all day.

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