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Darkness of Maddok

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I feel like I can't finish this area, been everywhere, cleared everything.  Except I can't walk to the middle cell of the four monoliths at the southern tip...  Yeah, I sanctified an alter and killed a lich, and understood some runes in a cemetery?  Move on for now and wait and see?

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On 3/9/2018 at 9:48 PM, Randomizer said:

You need to talk to the Strange Wizard back in Kriszan or Delan and buy information about the Wand of Endless Magery to get in there.

I knew that I forgot something!

 I just cleaned up the whole island and couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to see the tower at the bottom.


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I am in the same situation as JeffGoddin was, except that I can't find the Strange Wizard in Kriszan or Delan.  Is there some trick to finding him?  I've revisited both towns after resting, in sequence and separately, with no sign of the Strange Wizard.  I vaguely recall meeting him on my first visit to Delan, at a time I had no money.  Am I shut out of accessing the Tower of Zkal and completing the Madness of Maddock quest, now?  Thanks for any suggestions!



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I don't know the Strange Wizard's exact schedule (if he has one), but here's a sure-fire way of finding him: 
1) check one of his possible spawn locations (like the inn in Delan);
2) wait until the next day dawns (preferably outside of town);
3) check the same location again;
4) rinse and repeat until he is found.


It might take quite a few days for him to appear, but he will do so eventually.

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It took me a while to track down the old coot once I too realized he was the reason I couldn't find the tower. In addition to appearing in either Delan and Krisznan, he also spends time travelling between the two towns and is frequently found in neither even if you run back and forth during the same day. I think it takes about a day for him to make the journey.

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