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Pooping Bricks

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... Assuming it doesn't need to be in an inventory to function, the Xian Rock could, overtime be the single deadliest object in all Avernum.


Throw it into the middle of the ocean and eventually the added rocks would raise sea levels high enough to flood the planet. It's not useless junk - it's a long-form doomsday device.

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An amusing notion... but alas, your assumption is in error. If you drop the Xian Rock on the floor, or even move it into your Junk-inventory, it stops producing bricks. Presumably, it draws some kind of energy from its carrier to do what it does... :confused: Well, you can kinda' tell from the fact that the house where you find it isn't full of bricks.

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"X" is well known for playing the long game (look how many years it took to get the rain of anvils just right...) & he's a quite competent wizard with a warped sense of humor.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he somehow enchanted the rock to 'not' replicate itself whenever anyone is paying attention.


So the idea of a "Xian" Island out in the middle of the ocean really isn't out of the realm of possibility.  I could even see him developing a set of really small islands in between Pt. Townsend & Farport (each an Orb of T flying distance apart) just to mess with the ferry service...


/once again I'm probably overthinking things

//that tends to happen after the 8th cup of coffee

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