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Torment Difficulty Hybrid Fighter/Archer

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone who has played through Torment difficulty without ever changing the difficulty knows whether or not a hybrid archer/fighter can actually hit things in the endgame? As it is, I have been putting ALL of my fighter's/archer's stat points into only strength and only dexterity, respectively. But in the past games I've always trained both in both, such that at the end my warrior and archer were essentially flipped versions of one another (Strength 35, Dexterity 24 for the warrior, and Strength 24, Dexterity 35 for the archer). I seem to remember them being effective in both even against most endgame enemies. Does this work in A3? I almost feel like it wouldn't, because there are out-of-depth enemies (like the Haakai in the Troglo Temple) that are really hard to hit even putting all stat points into only one stat. Thanks.

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I haven't done a full playthrough with a hybrid fighter/archer, but I turned one of my end-game characters into one with the character editor and tested him out.


A level 34 Torment character, with all of the assignable stat points placed evenly between Strength and Dexterity, both Improved Strength and Improved Dexterity traits maxed out, and a hefty -55% total to-hit penalty from equipment, could reach the maximum 95% to-hit chance against typical end-game enemies with both dual-wielded swords and archery, albeit only barely. Against Sulfras, the to-hit chances dropped to 69% (with dual-wielded swords) and 79% (with archery).


So, as long as you're not wearing the most encumbering armor possible, hitting enemies should be feasible in the end-game.

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